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ruwi, muscat oman oman Muscat ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available.  Email available.
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If you have to go to your consulate in Oman, keep in mind that this is a region of the world with 2967717 inhabitants, and it is possible that many of these people ask for an appointment on the same day as you. For this reason, we recommend you ask for your previous appointment.

An embassy represents the government of a country in another foreign country. Without this official representation, diplomatic relations between different countries would be very difficult. If you are looking Oman Embassies, here you will find all the information you need to get.

Did you know that an embassy or consulate can help you if you have lost your passport or other personal documents? If you are looking for Oman Embassies or consulates in Oman, here you can get all the information you need about these government bodies in your country.


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Oman Embassies by major city

If you are living in Muscat, city of Oman that has 797000 inhabitants and you are looking for your consulate or embassy, ​​enter your search in the search box that is in the top right of this page.
As Sīb al Jadīdah
Are you looking for the consulate of your country in As Sīb al Jadīdah? In this city of 237816 located in Oman, you can find your consulate or embassy by entering in the search box the keywords.
If you want to know if in Salalah, Oman city of 163140 inhabitants, there is a consulate or embassy of your country, just enter in the text box your search and we will provide you a list with all the consulates and embassies that there are in this city
Enter in the search box the keywords to find the consulate of your country in Bawshar, city of Oman with 159487 inhabitants. If there is no consulate in this city, we will show you the nearest.
Al Sohar
If you are in Al Sohar and you need to know where your nearest embassy is located in this city of 108274 that belongs to Oman, in the list that we show you next you will be able to discover where it is located.
As Suwayq
Do you need to find your embassy or consulate in As Suwayq, Oman? We provide you with this information. In addition, we provide data such as telephone and mail from the embassy so you can contact without problems

Oman Embassies by state

Learn first about the differences between consulates and embassies so that you do not waste your time trying to contact an entity that will not serve you. If you already know them, then you can go directly to the entity that interests you. Here you can find a list of all the consulates and embassies of Masqaţ, in Oman.
Al Bāţinah
Consulates and embassies play different roles, but they still confuse many people who do not know what differences they have. Find out and then contact the entity that interests you. Here is a list of all these entities in Al Bāţinah, Oman.
The differences between embassies and consulates are still unclear for the general population. If you want to know in which entity of these you can seek help or renew your passport, here we inform you all the data of the embassy of your country in Oman and the different consulates that you can find.
Ash Sharqīyah
An embassy has, among others, the function of defending the interests of its country in the foreign country. If you are looking for an embassy or consulate in Ash Sharqīyah, Oman, here we provide a list of all these entities.
Ad Dākhilīyah
Many people still confuse embassies with consulates. Usually, the consulates are the ones that offer services to their fellow citizens as issuance of passports and other documents. We show you a list with all these entities in Ad Dākhilīyah, Oman.
Consulates and embassies have different functions. If you are in Oman, to find out which entity to turn to in case you need any help or service, call and find out. Here we show you all the results in Z̧ufār or nearby.

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Top rated Oman Embassies

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ruwi, muscat oman oman Muscat ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available.  Email available.
mina al fahal 116 muscat oman 116 Muscat ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
building no. 585, way no. 46 azaiba north, muscat oman oman Bawshar ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available.  Email available.
post code 112 muscat oman 840 Muscat ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available. 
way 3034 house n. 2697 shatti al qurum muscat oman oman Bawshar ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.
shatti al-qurum, building 31 112 muscat oman oman Bawshar ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available.  Email available.
muscat 117 oman 117 Muscat ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available. 
medina al sultan qaboos muscat oman oman Bawshar ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available. 
ruwi, muscat oman oman Muscat ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available.  Email available.
building 1702, plot 1629/1/4, road 10, way 2133 madina sultan qaboos muscat oman oman Muscat ,Masqaţ ,Masqaţ ,Oman 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.