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If you have to go to your consulate in Malem, keep in mind that this is a region of the world with 0 inhabitants, and it is possible that many of these people ask for an appointment on the same day as you. For this reason, we recommend you ask for your previous appointment.

If you are looking Malem Embassies, here you can find information on all the embassies and consulates that exist in this place. Select your country of origin in the search box below to narrow the results.

Have you lost your passport when you are about to travel? Do not worry, because there is a service available to citizens at Malem Embassies or consulates in Malem to solve this situation. Search here for an embassy or consulate from your country of origin and request a new travel document.

List of Embassies next to Malem

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 Embassy of Japan in Kolonia(Located 563.15 Km)
pami building, 3rd floor kolonia, pohnpei 96941 micronesia federated states of micronesia Kolonia ,Kolonia Municipality ,Pohnpei ,Micronesia 
 phone available. 
 Embassy of the USA in Kolonia(Located 563.20 Km)
kolonia, pohnpei 96941 micronesia 96941 Kolonia ,Kolonia Municipality ,Pohnpei ,Micronesia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.