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Gulbenes rajons Embassies by major city

If you are living in Gulbene and want to know where is the consulate or embassy of your country in this city of Latvia of 9355 inhabitants, here you can find it with all their contact and location information.

Gulbenes rajons Embassies by province

Gulbenes Rajons
In Latvia there are several consulates but only one embassy. If you are looking for any of these diplomatic entities near Gulbenes Rajons, here we provide you with all the details of the consulates and the embassy that may be there

List of Embassies next to Gulbenes rajons

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 Russian representation in Latvia(Located 143.96 Km)
46, kraslavas st. daugavpils lv-5403 lv-5401 Daugavpils ,Daugavpils ,Daugavpils ,Latvia 
 phone available. 
46, kraslavas st. daugavpils lv-5403 latvia lv-5401 Daugavpils ,Daugavpils ,Daugavpils ,Latvia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Honorary Consulate of Romania in Riga(Located 154.69 Km)
brivibas str. 97 r?ga (riga), lv-1001 latvia lv-1001 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Honorary Consulate of Peru in Riga(Located 155.13 Km)
19 stabu street lv-1011 r?ga (riga) latvia lv-1011 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Embassy of Canada in Riga(Located 155.41 Km)
20/22 baznicas street, 6th floor lv-1010 r?ga (riga) latvia lv-1010 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.
68-8, rue dzirnavu lv-1050, r?ga (riga) latvia lv-1050 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Belarusian representation in Latvia(Located 155.51 Km)
jezusbaznicas iela 12 riga lv-1050 lv-1050 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available. 
 Embassy of Belarus in Riga(Located 155.51 Km)
jezusbaznicas iela 12 r?ga (riga) lv-1050 latvia lv-1050 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.
 Embassy of Estonia in Riga(Located 155.61 Km)
skolas 13 r?ga (riga) lv 1010 latvia lv-1010 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.
 Embassy of Japan in Riga(Located 155.88 Km)
kr. valdemara iela 21 r?ga (riga) lv-1010 latvia lv-1010 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
 phone available.